Friday, January 7, 2011

All About Zooloretto

Zooloretto is awesome. It’s a game about animals and barns and building a zoo. The art is really cool. I liked all of the animals, I don’t even have a favorite because they are all good. It’s a very very good game because it involves getting money and building the best zoo to win.

How to play: First out you start with 2 coins and then as you play you fill up your zoo more and more. And also, when you get one in your barn you risk losing a lot of points. Like if you had 900 in your barn at the end that’s bad. They go in your barn if you dont have any open pens when you take animals off a truck. How you get stuff in your zoo is you draw a tile and put it on the truck, then on another turn you can add another tile or take a truck. If everyone else already took one then its just you who gets to pick if you want to add more tiles until there’s three. Then you put the trucks back and start the turns over. When you draw a tile that’s money and you take the truck it’s on then you get another money in your pile. You use your money to move tiles or exchange places of your tiles and that costs 1. You can buy a tile from someone’s barn or get rid of one out of your barn for 2 money. With 3 you can expand your zoo so you can get more different animals. That’s the coolest thing to spend your money on. When you get animals they can’t just go wherever, they have to be with the same type of animal. When you get a boy and a girl together, then they have a baby animal. How you win is when you get the most points. A whole bunch of points. You get points for filling up the squares of animals. Like if you fill up the one with 5 animals you get 8 points. You also get points for the stalls, they give you 2 extra points for each kind.

What I like best: Getting another pen. And getting more money.

What I like least: The thing I liked the least is not winning. And getting animals in my barn since that risks some of your points. 3 kinds of animals in your barn loses 6 points!

What is hard: The hard part is, well, none of it is hard. I mean choosing a tile is hard since I want to do this one, no that one, no… every pile. Its hard to choose.

What is easy: The easiest part is choosing a truck. The ones that you should pick the most is the ones with the stall since they are worth 2 points!

How much I like it: 120-190-106-105. That’s all. That means I love it almost as much as Settlers of Catan.

To all you blog readers: Everybody should play this game. Leave me a comment about the game if you've tried it, or you can ask me questions. I know all about it. Also, I love you!


  1. Cool game! I'm going to play it with my niece when i see her next.

  2. I like builder games and I like animals, so this game sounds like my cup of tea - Also Catan is one of my favorite games - so I will have to try this game. Thank you for this review and your recommendation.

    I love you too,
    Uncle Rob

  3. This game looks really fun! How many players does it take to play? Maybe you can teach me to play when I see you on Monday, if Jack takes a nap:)
    Love You, Grandma

  4. Uncle Rob: I would like to play this game with you. I could teach you how to play it. It's almost as good as Settler of Catan!

    Grandma: It takes three players to play Zooloretto. Maybe we can play it all together with mom and dad when we you next. Or maybe with Uncle Rob. But I could teach you how to play Guess Who all by myself next time Jack is napping for you!

  5. We just got this game for Christmas, but haven't had a chance to play it yet. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we will.