Monday, January 17, 2011

The Game Shelves...

By Randy

Hello, all! I just wanted to share a look at our game shelves. My wife and I have collected board, card and roleplaying games since we've been together. Here's a look at our shelves...

That pic mostly just shows the board games. There's "RPG overstock" on the bottom middle shelf, though our favorite/heavy rotation are on another bookshelf.  Or were... before the shelf broke under the weight (yes, I'm being serious!). Also, in the bottom left, you can see some drawers. This is where we keep our card games, playing cards, dice, and random gaming bits. See stuff you like? Recommendations for additions? Pics of your own collections? Let us know!


Here's a 2013 update pic:


  1. Your game shelves are an inspiration!! And so is your blog, keep up the good work. I've been missing game nights at your place. But your blog about teaching games to kids inspired me to try some new games with Sam. It was fun and your advice helped!!

  2. very nice, i'm in awe! my friends and i have just scratched the surface on role playing board games, but hopefully we'll get to the point you're at. great blog!

  3. @ Jess: That's very sweet to say! Angie just piinted out to me that you have a blog too... I'll have to check that out! I'm really glad to hear Angie's advice helped. That "Teaching Games to Kids" article is definitely what we're all about!

    @ Mike: Thank you! Yeah, that's 8-1/2 years of collecting there. You'll get there! I see that you have a gaming site, too, from clicking on your name there. Cool! You'll love Gamma World, I think. I'm not a 4E fan in general, but the GW box really make the 4E rules shine. Happy gaming!

  4. Naw, you don't have enough yet.

  5. Wow That is inspirational. Nice to have them all visable. Our games get lost in the game chest.

    May your RPG Shelf rest in peace.

  6. How many games do you have total?

  7. My collection lists 384 currently, but I think we probably have quite a bit more than that. I'm guessing in the 400-500 range somewhere. I keep thinking I'll go through and do an accurate accounting... but then we just end up playing a game instead :)

  8. That's a great collection, I plan to start mine soon, just had my first child earlier this year. Cannot wait to start playing beginning games with her. I see you have Heroscape in the mix too, love that game! Too bad its out of production now, I have been trying to buy up stuff before prices go through the roof, well they are close to that now almost.