Sunday, May 1, 2011

Katie's Game Goal Update

By Katie

My goal for the year is to play 100 different games and I played half of a half of my goal in a half of a half of a year... Which is a quarter on both of them. So I'm a quarter of the way done! That feels good to me because that means I've played at least a whole bunch of games from trying to get my goal. Goals are good because sometimes you get them and then you feel really really proud of yourself.

I wrote down all the games and so the circled numbers are how much I rate the game. My ratings is how much I like the games, it's just kinda random depending on my mood. Like sometimes I feel like its small or great or weird, you know, so then I give it a number to explain how I feel. It's makes sense to me.

 Thoughts about the first 25 games of the year

       1.    Mastermind Towers: I think mastermind is a really cool game and I
           liked it.
2.     Wits and Wagers Family: I think that its cool because my whole family played it and it has family in the name which is like us, my family.

3.     Connect 4: Connect 4 is a cool game because you try to match 4 in a row and that’s the name. I play this with my friends.

4.     Pictureka Matchureka: I think this is neat because it has 5 games with the same cards, and all the games use them.

5.     Quack Quack: This is kinda complicated because you have to find the right colors. I like complicated games.

6.     Formula De: What I don’t like about this game is it isn’t complicated enough. I like it anyway but ya know, not at least so much.

7.     Uno: I played Uno with my grandma and grandpa and I liked it and I like them.

8.     Frank’s Zoo: I just don’t have anything to say about this game. I don’t remember what I was going to say about it when this came up. I’m easy about forgetting things.

9.     Guess Who Extra: I play this a lot with my friends. I like the funny faces and the aliens and monster boards best, also the robots.

      10.  Polterdice: That one, well… it was… fun I guess,,, but it started getting sort of too easy and kind of boring and apparently we stopped playing it.

      11. Enchanted Forest: I like this because you try to find the right things under the trees. I have to remember things, like if there’s a star and I don’t need it but the next card might be the star so I have to remember where they are.

      12.  Forbidden Island: I really like this one. I keep playing it because its complicated and that makes it interesting. I like working together and helping people, you gotta help each other out of the island because it’s sinking.

13.  Stone Age: I played this with my dad and another time with my whole family. It is a little long, I like long games too but sometimes I really have to quit before its finished.

14.  Squint: Squint isn’t complicated, only I like other things about it. One of them is I like making pictures, and I don’t remember the rest but I know there’s other things I liked.

15.  Froggie Boogie: I like to play this and so does my brother, he likes the frogs. I think my dad likes to play this sort of but my mom yes because she loves games.

16. Crazy 8’s: Nothing to say about this.

17.  Zingo: I like Zingo because I just think its cool!

18.  Amazing Labyrinth: You try to get through the labyrinth and grab the last card out of the pile and get that before anybody else gets their last card. Funny and crazy.

19.  Go Fish: It is mediocre. I don’t know what that means, I just said it. It’s a good thing I think.

20. Castaways of Deadman’s Bay: This is a good game because there is a Jack like my little brother and Kate which my name is Katie but my real name is Kathryn but my parents sometimes call me Kate so that’s really cool.

21.  Memoir ‘44: Super! I’m secretly known as Flash, and also on my team is Super Tulip (which is a new super hero) and Batman and Ironman. We all fight to save people. Memoir 44 is cool because it has fighting in it and you have little army guys and you have to knock the whole other team out to get medals. I’m smart, and you have to be smart to play this game.

22.  Battleship: I think it’s cool and there’s nothing else to say.

      23.  Tsuro: This game is kind of miniature. I want that to mean crazy and a little frustrating in a good way.

      24.  Trans-America: That was trainy. There’s a map of the states.

      25.  Rock-Paper-Scissors: I can’t think fast enough and decide so I have to turn around of close my eyes when we’re counting. It takes me a while to choose what I want to do. I like to play it with my mom, sometimes my dad, but not Jack because he doesn’t know how!

Whew! It was like the longest conversation in the world to talk about that many games. My mom wrote down everything I said and it was kind of like writing the biggest blog post ever. I hope you enjoyed reading it and I hope you like games because that’s what our blog is all about. I love love love love games. Every kind of game that’s complicated, sign me up!

I was going to give my mom a high five for finishing this but my hands were full so I thought about using my nose, against her hand... but then I figured that would hurt so now I'm cracking up! Hahahahaha! Silly me. Bye-bye everybody!


  1. When we where kids there wasent much learning for fun games, inless the fact you thought school was just downright fun over all, now these days parents are much cooler with gameing techneqes then are parents before us, despite my ferebee side wich always promoted gameing...guess we where lucky! Way to go kattie n jac
    Michael ryan

  2. i love your vocabulary is extensive.

  3. I really like everything you said Kathryn..or is it Katie..or maybe Kate. Well, you know who you are! I can't wait until I read about your games when you reach your half of your goal. Love Aunt Diane

  4. I congratulate you on your awesome progress,


    P.S. Mediocre means "not bad, not good."

    P.P.S. Play Twixt. If you can't play Twixt, play Hex. If you can't play Hex then God bless you.

  5. Wow memoir 44? Go girl!