Friday, July 8, 2011

New Logo!

Hey everyone,

We're excited to show off our new logo!

As a super secrect insight I'll tell you that the meeples represent each of the members of the Newnham family; Katie is of course the pink one, Jack-Jack loves orange, Angie always plays yellow, and Randy prefers red.

And here's how you'll be able to recognize us on social media sites (facebook, twitter).

These lovely new logos were created for us by our good friend Julian who just re-launched his blog, Cool Factor 5. Stop on by to check it out, I think he's got a really great system by which he is going to evaluate existing games and talk about new game designs and concepts. Fun stuff. We're working on some game design projects with him, so you might be able to get some exctiing previews from either site.

Thanks for stopping by! We're trying to increase the frequency of our posts because we've got so many great games to talk about, fun ideas for blog posts, and interesting things to share.... so come back soon :)

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