Monday, August 8, 2011

5 Signs Your Family Might Be Playing Too Much Angry Birds

by Angie

(AKA How we figured out we were playing Angry Bids a little too often...)

1. You're two-year old admonishes you for "breaking a poor piggy's house"... then asks for a turn!

"Oh no! I broke the piggies houuuuuse!"

2. You've spent time debating whether there is really any evidence against piggies, or if it's all some kind of propaganda campaign launched by the birds

Art by Randy

3. When you see anything resembling a "piggy house" you immediately want to hurl the closest small creature (or toddler!) towards it to see if you can knock it all down

...and the kid is happy about it!!!

4. Your refrigerator now sports an Angry Birds fan art section

Art by Katie

5. You bought the Angry Birds: Knock on Wood board game so the fun doesn't have to end when your battery runs out!

Birds in a box- let the slinging begin!! This game is awesome!!

So...are you an Angry Birds addict? It's ok, we won't judge! Share your stories, or just leave us a comment... we love to hear from you!


  1. There's a board game?

  2. Is the boardgame in holland too????

  3. I must have this board game!

  4. i had no clue about the board game..and its out of stock!!!!!

  5. where do i get th board game from?

  6. Not sure about its availability in Holland, but there is indeed a board game. It's called Angry Birds: Knock on Wood. There is now a link above and Amazon lists it as in stock.

  7. Yes!! The board game is awesome. We have had so much fun with it. There are a bunch of cards showing how to build all different kinds of "piggy houses", and you get a red, yellow, and black bird to hurl with the catapualt. They all fly a little different, and there's special eggs and stars tokens you can knock down for more points. Super fun! Here's a link to buy it on Amazon (that's where we found it). You can click on the game name in the blog post above or copy/paste this link into your browser window. Enjoy!!