Monday, February 13, 2012

We're Growing Up!

Hi everyone!

We just wanted to update you all about what we're up to. We haven't had a lot of blog posts this year so far, but we've been really working on some cool ideas and ways to connect with our readers and provide more consistent content updates. Here's what's on the horizon:

1. We're adding another regular contributor! Yay! Our friend Julian is a father of two little gamers-to-be, a game designer, reveiwer, and blogger, and an all around cool guy who is going to start providing weekly articles to the site. We're doing this to add in another perspective, help us get content going out more often, and because we love reading what he has to say and think you will too! Look for his debut soon!

2. We've finally decided to commit to a more regualr schedule of blogging. With some life issues sorted out and arranged, we're ready to jump back into producing regular content about gaming, raising gamer kids, the positive social and educational value of games, and other fun ideas/how-to's/cute pictures/gaming stories/whatever else sounds fun. You can expect to see something from each of us adults (Randy, Angie, and Julian) once a week, plus bonus posts from the kiddos whenever the mood strikes them!

3. We're updating the look of the site. Please hang in there with us as we make the transition from a basic blogger template to a much cooler looking (and reader friendly) layout, with better visuals and pictures and all that high tech stuff. Hopefully our weird layout and awkward framing days will be behind us!

We're Growing Up... but just a little bit. If you have any suggestions, feedback, fun gaming stories to share, or ideas of posts you'd like to see, please leave us a comment or shoot us an email at growingupgamers AT gmail DOT com. :)

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