Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Introducing... Escapade Games!

by Randy, Angie & Julian

Hello, everyone!

We here at Growing Up Gamers love games. We grew up with them. We play them. We talk about them, and write about them. Games are an important part of our life. We've just made a big step. Now... we design them! Introducing... Escapade Games!

Who is Escapade Games?

Technically, the three of us have been designing games for about 10 years together. Over the years, we've put hundreds of hours into this and have learned a lot about games and the game industry. Now, we've gotten to the point where we have a game that we're ready to get to market. And that game... is Story Realms!

This is it... Story Realms!

Story Realms is a cooperative storytelling game in which players take on the roles of heroic characters called to a grand adventure. One player assumes the role of the Storyteller and is responsible for describing and bringing to life the world and the problems that face it, while the other players team up to save the day. Each adventure provides a full immersive story experience with players’ decisions and actions determining the course of the events and filling in the details of the story. The world of Storm Hollow is a rich and detailed setting, with infinite stories to explore and discover. Adventures should take about an hour to play.

Making it a Reality

Exciting, eh? We're pretty excited about it, too! And we're not the only ones. We have teamed up with Game Salute to help us make this a reality. Game Salute is assisting us with publishing, and we'll have a Kickstarter campaign later this year for everyone who wants to preorder.


Additionally, this past weekend we went to GameStorm, a game convention in Vancouver, Washington (just across the bridge from Portland, Oregon). We had the opportunity to playtest our game, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. People LOVE our game! We can't be more excited about how this is going. (We also show up in GeekDad Jonathan's article on the second page here!)

The Next Step

We're still hard at work, but we're going to keep you informed at every step of the way. For those of you who think this is super cool and want to get involved, we are looking for beta testers to try it out. More info on that can be found at the Escapade Games site. Also, at GameStorm, everyone kept asking about our cool shirts. We had no idea people would be so excited, so we put together a Cafe Press Store to bring you logo wear for both Escapade Games and Growing Up Gamers.

So that's our news! We are so very excited to make this next step, and we appreciate all the amazing support we've received so far. We'd like to thank our readers, families, Game Salute, GeekDads Jonathan and Erik and the wonderful people who playtested our game. We couldn't have done it without you!


Be sure to come back Friday for our 100th post... and a giveaway! We'll be giving away a game to celebrate 100 posts! Details on Friday!!!

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