Friday, November 16, 2012

Good cause alert! Support the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund!

by Randy

There is a charity auction going on right now with only two days left for the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund, an organization dedicated to helping out families of gamers experiencing hardships. It was started by Tom Vasel, host of The Dice Tower. As of the last time I checked, there were 513 items there. All of them are worth a look, but there's one that may interest you...

There's a copy of the upcoming Story Realms Deluxe Set (when it ships in 2013) AND an exclusive opportunity to work with the designers to create a custom Ally or Enemy Lore card that will be fully illustrated and included in the final game! You can contribute to a great cause AND have your creation immortalized in the world of Storm Hollow. Pretty cool, eh?

Check it out before it ends Nov 18th!!!!

Here is the link for Story Realms.

Example of an Ally lore card. 

Also, of much less note, I am auctioning off building a custom Pathfinder character. A tailor made PC for you or a friend, a campaign villain, a cohort or love interest, I'll build it for you. Whatever specifications you want! Here's the link to that. I'm sure you have the know-how to build your own character, but it's for a good cause.

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