Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Kickstarters Not To Miss: May 2013 Edition!

by Randy

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to pass along some Kickstarter projects that have caught my eye. There's great new game projects launching every day, and we wanted to pass along some recommendations of some projects to check out. Take a look!

Monster Moos

Monster Moos looks like a fun game for the whole family. The designers, whom I have had the opportunity to exchange a few words with the creators, Nathanuil and Dominique DeMille over social media, and they seem really great. I love the idea that the game was inspired by their young son's cow impression! This one ends very soon.

Giant 2 Inch Soft Foam Polyhedral Dice

Big. Dice. That's it. Who doesn't need big foam dice? A great novelty item for a gamer.

Elves & Orcs Bicycle® Playing Cards

Nat Iwata, a Portland, Oregon-based artist, has a new set of cards on Kickstarter. He has done a couple of these art card decks already, and I love his illustrations. This one is illustrations of elves and orcs. Again, a great novelty gift for a gamer. Even a game of Hearts could get a bit of fantasy flair!

Storyteller Cards: A Playing Card Deck To Inspire Creativity

The Growing Up Gamers crew loves stories. Jason Tagmire's Storyteller Cards look like an excellent aid for anyone who likes stories whatsoever. A writer, gamer master, whatever. If you're writing or brainstorming, dealing a couple of these could very well get the creative juices running.

Railways Express: A Dice-Rolling Train-Racing ROTW Game!

The Railways of the World series of games is excellent. We did a review of the card game version here. We have played the full version several times, too, and I personally enjoyed it more than a couple other in the genre. So this is a dice-based version. I really enjoy the lighter dice games every now and then, and a new dicey member of the ROTW series seems like it will land on our shelves sometime.

Fantasy Gaming Figures

Okay, I am a mini painter. I paint a variety of pewter and resin models, many for use on the game table as representations of characters and monsters in a roleplaying game. When I saw the Fantasy Gaming Figures Kickstarter by Gamelyn Games, I thought, "Wow". These fantasy meeples look like they would be a great game aid for first-time RPG players. Heck, for any RPG player. These would look excellent on any table.

So those are a few Kickstarters I have seen that seem to merit a second look. This is by no means -all- the crowdfunding games that deserve your attention. As a matter of fact, I foresee an interview coming up soon with the designer of Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia, Jamey Stegmaier. Do you have a favorite on Kickstarter, or have a project there yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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