Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Meet the Gamers

Who are we? We're glad you asked!
Before we get into the games, we thought we'd take a moment to introduce ourselves. We think we have might have some interesting or useful or funny things to say about the games we play. If you think so too, keep reading :)

This is How I Role(play)

My name is Randy, and mine is the power of irreverence. Yes, that's right... you shall know me by the trail of bad puns, witty jabs and my quirky perspective. A mild-mannered tech support engineer by day, I spend many an evening gaming with my wife, daughter and friends. I am most fond of roleplaying games, but more often I find myself playing board games and card games. I rarely play video games, so don't expect to hear much from me on that subject. I'm looking forward to sharing a few glimpses through my lens on the world. 'Til then... keep gamin', playa!
Too Cool for School
I'm Angie. I’m the wife of “that guy”, the mom to 2 amazingly talented kiddos, and the biggest geek I know. Seriously. I’m currently teaching Language Arts at an alternative high school and the boys there tell me pretty regularly that I’m a super gamer geek who is “even geekier than most of their friends”. That’s right, my super power is that I somehow have managed to be a 31 year old adult woman with the geekiness quota of a teenage boy. Woohoo! FTW! I’m uber-1337!
I’m interested in all sorts of games and strive to try just about anything gamey at least once. I’ve got a whole room full of board games, every video game system I know of, and a growing library of books about games and game design. Can you say obsessed? We came up with this idea for a blog when Katie started wanting to write her own game reviews and we couldn’t figure out how to best share these awesome musings with the world. Plus I’ve got about 1,000,002 ideas about game-related things I would like to write about. I’ve been told recently that I’m both loquacious and sesquipedalian (whatever that means) so you can probably expect mine to be a frequent voice on this blog. Game on!
Secretly... the Flash!
Hi, my name is Katie. I’m 5 years old! I’m secretly the Flash but that’s not what this is about. This blog is about games. I like to play board games like Settles of Catan and Zooloretto. I like video games too, especially Toy Story 3 and Dora and Sly Cooper. I’ve been playing games with my family for like 7 years.  Maybe more than 100 times! I’m going to tell you how to play games, what I like best about games, my thoughts about different games, and some of my secret moves. Also, I can run really fast and be like a ninja.  
“But Jack-Jack doesn’t have any powers!”
At almost 2, Jack isn’t old enough to tell us his thoughts about games yet. So far we’ve seen that he likes to dump games on the floor and “play with” the pieces. By “play with”, we mean crush, smash, lose, and otherwise impair the functionality in the hardest-to-clean-up way possible. He also likes to push random buttons on the video game controllers while we are using them, especially during BIG IMPORTANT moments. He loves putting dice in his mouth and drawing in role-playing books with markers. We know he’s going to be a super gamer, we just don’t know in which ways his powers will manifest yet. We’ll keep you updated!
Stay Tuned!

We're not even going to try to predict how often one of us will:

a) think of something to write about
b) actually write it, and
c) get it posted

BUT we are going to try to keep it fresh. We've got a small backlog of posts already written by Katie that we're going to roll out in the next few days. So don't forget to come back!


  1. I'm beginning a program to become a credentialed math teacher, and am passionate about board games. I'm looking for books about integrating quality board games into curriculum. I believe Angie has started her doctorate in this very subject, and was hoping she could point me toward some good resources.


  2. Angie- I always spelled it "L33T" haha!