Tuesday, December 28, 2010

My Turn! Carcassone!

It's Katie again. Mom and Dad have been hogging the blogging, talking about all kinds of whatever stuff. I haven't been reading it but I saw a few pictures, so that was ok. Maybe they were interesting posts. But we haven't even done our cool post yet about the bestest video game me and my mom ever played together! I'm not telling you what it is yet. Anyhow, I'm going to get more turns blogging they say, so I'm taking one now. This is about a game I played with my mommy called Carcassonne



How to play: First you pick your color. Then you put away the expansion pieces you don’t use. On your turn you chose a square thing from the bag, called a tile, and use them to build cities and roads. When you get a shield on your city you get 2 more points when you finish it, and you get 2 points for every tile in the city anyway. So if it was 3 tiles and you have a shield it would be… 8... I guess. Yeah, 8 points. There are tiles for scoring a lot of points too, like 50 or 100. How you make points is when you put your guys on the board and finish something you get to move your scoring piece up on the number board. Like pretend we are playing a game and I get eight points then I move this scoring piece up 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8. You just keep counting them up. The game is over when you run out of tiles. Then somebody tells the score to see who wins. I got 148 points and my mom got 81 so I got a lot more than her.

What I liked best: I liked that I won and I got the biggest city ever

What I liked least: When I thought I was losing

What was hard: When my mom put down a tile that made one of my cities too big and I wanted it to be small so I could finish it

What was easy: The easy part was putting my guys out and putting out the tiles

How much I liked it: 150-190-106. It’s a big number. I liked Settlers of Catan better.


  1. I love your reviews, Katie. Thanks for sharing. Do you think Theo would like Carcassone? He's getting a lot better with his counting.

  2. Uhh, maybe. It's a very great game and I think he will love it actually. It has a whole... thing... that is really cool since you build a whole giant map, and I think Theo will like all the little details. We didn't play with the farmers since that was confusing. Sometimes I need help adding up the points so if you help him it would probably be fun. That's all. Thanks for reading my review!