Wednesday, February 23, 2011


by Katie

Hi blog readers! This is a post I wrote a while back, and we forgot to post it! I love this game so much so I wanted to tell you all about it. The one thing you should know about Elfenland is that it is cool but it is hard but it is fun but also it's enjoyable and sometimes it's frusterating, but I love it. It's all those things, so if you play it just remember that!


How you play: First out you have 8 cards. Now I’ll pretend that these are my 8 cards. The first player gets the card with this guy on it, the first player card. Then you go around taking turns to pick out 4 tokens. The tokens are what you use to put out on the board to show where you can travel. The tokens you pick should match the cards in your hand or you won’t be able to go anywhere. The starting player starts traveling, they move their boot first. How you move your boot is first you pay cards to move along the tokens that you already put out. You pay depending on how many symbols are on the card for where you want to go. It doesn’t matter who put out the token you use to get places. You can use anybody’s token to get places. When you get to a place that has a marker of your color then you get to take it and put it in front of you. If you get the most markers of your color you’re the winner.

What I like best: The thing I like best about the game is getting almost all my markers
What I liked least: The thing that I liked the least is that I didn’t win. Just that
What was hard: The hard part of the game was trying to get a token when you have to draw from the pile and you want it to be a pig but sometimes it is something different.
What was easy: The easy part of the game is picking out a token from the face up pile, even if it’s upside down
How much I like it: 120-190-106. That means I like it almost as much as Zooloretto, the animal game I wrote about before.

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