Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Putting Things Back Together Post

by Katie

The stack of games Katie has been organizing! What a helper!!!
I’ve been organizing games a lot and I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. I’m really good at organizing games! One of them is still out, but I’m working on it because I’m bagging everything up. It has a lot of little pieces. What happened is Jack was dumping games a lot, so I’m trying to reorganize them and fix them up.  First I get a box off the shelf, and if the pieces are all messed up I sort them out.  After I sort them I put the pieces back in their card holders or in the trays if they are chips or whatever. Then I get some baggies, and put all the things of the same type that don’t have anywhere to go in one baggie. I just go through and do that again and again until everything is all sorted and put away nicely. We’re also check the constructions (*instructions!) to see what the game is supposed to have, then we look at the game pieces very carefully and make sure everything is there. If some pieces are missing or lost we look for them or try to find something else to replace it. Like dice or whatever. We get them out of our loose game pieces box. Then I put them all back together.  Then I move on to another game. I’m doing this to help take care of our games and be a big helper for mom and dad. Also it’s fun to look at all the pieces!


  1. So, true, my friend. So true. I spend slightly more time playing the games than I do just opening up the box and looking at the bits. Some of the game rulebooks are also fun to return to from time to time.

    As far as organization goes, I use sandwich bags exclusively. I buy them by the hundreds. THE HUNDREDS!

  2. Looking at the rulebooks over and over again is something my mommy does. I'm just starting to read, but one day I will be able to read all the rule books I can know, and that day I will be so excited. Right now I'm just learning. I really hope the day I know how to read is someday close. When I'm organizing the games I just ask my mommy what the rulebooks say the games should have and then I look for the pieces and tell them which ones are missing. I really like doing that, really. It's so fun. And the coolest part about organizing them is i get to look at the pieces and play with them! I really like your reply, thanks for reading my blog post!