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Finding Eden: The First Wars (A Risk Legacy Story)

Finding Eden: A Risk Legacy Story Pt. 1
 by the Growing Up Gamers crew

DISCLAIMER AND EXPLANATION: The Growing Up Gamers crew has decided to play Risk Legacy and blog about the experience.  Risk Legacy is a game that, over the course of 15 play session, lets you shape a world in different ways.  As you make choices and events occur each game, new board elements are added and some are lost forever (the game asks you to literally rip them up and throw them away).  Still further, cities are founded, continents are named (again, you actually write names on the board in permanent ink), and other permanent game altering changes are revealed.  We have decided to play these 15 sessions, shape the world, and write about it.  Because this game is supposed to be full of fun surprises, we will try to avoid giving too many spoilers.  We will not be talking about game mechanics, bits and pieces, or specific game turns. However, if you have not yet played the game and want to be completely surprised, we suggest not reading past Year 3 as we begin opening packets in Year 4.  This is not a review or even a detailed sessions report.  Instead, we are going to try and tell the story of our world, its creation, its wars, and its great and final destiny that will be forged over the course of the fifteen games. As we begin writing this, we don't even know how it will all end! For these stories, each of us has taken on a persona.  Julian will be Dragmorian, Sage of Dragons, Randy will be Tenebrous, Lord of Shadow, and Angie will Nevarin Star, Seeker of Light.  Each game will be written as 1 year of the history of the world.  History, it is said, is written by the winners, so the winner of each game will write the primary history for that year.  The other two players may contribute their own dissenting opinions of the history or explain their side of the story as they see fit.  We hope that this will provide an entertaining read and fun way to learn more about this innovate  game, and feel free to root for your favorite persona!

Old Earth Dies

After centuries of war, pollution, global warming, and dwindling fossil fuels the human race was at last saved from the brink of destruction.  In the year 2138, scientists of Old Earth discovered a way to clone the dying planet and begin anew.  To ensure the survival of the species, they cloned the Earth not once, but thousands of times.  In their infinite wisdom, the leaders of Old Earth assigned the caretaking and colonization of Earth #10148 to three great leaders.

The Council of Three
Left to Right Dragmorian, Tenebrous, and Nevarin Star

I am Dragmorian, the Dragon Sage.  Long have my people kept the secret lore and ancient knowledge passed down by the great and powerful dragons of old.  It has fallen on me to begin this journal, though my companions will no doubt share their wisdom with you.  Together with my companions, Tenebrous, Lord of Shadow and Nevarin Star, the Seeker of Light we formed a Council of Three in the hopes of bringing our new Earth unprecedented peace and prosperity.  I am, of course, concerned about forging a peaceful world with any man who would declare himself the “Lord of Shadow” but perhaps Tenebrous will bring some tact and subtlety to a world that will be in great need of diplomacy.   I am also unclear as to whether or not the mysterious Nevarin Star can be entirely trusted.  And yet, I am hopeful that this will be a glorious tale that will serve as a shining example to all other Earths.  My companions have made overtures of their own hopes for a great and resplendent new Earth.  I remain confident that we will find what others could not: the way to world peace.

The Formation of the New Earth

Our first task was to distribute resources across the globe and also help organize the different factions that would be traveling with us to the new Earth.  To ensure fairness and equality for all people, we distributed the resources equally across the land, giving each continent a number of resources proportional to the population it could sustain given the size of each land mass.  The factions we had to bring with us to this new Earth still had old Earth rivalries and warring tendencies.  However, we helped each faction plan its approach to colonizing the new world making sure to carefully balance each factions approach to give each a fair chance for finding its own happy corner of the world and ability to dissuade other factions from trying to take more than their fair share.  Any doubts I had about my companions intentions have been completely swept aside.  We worked as a perfect team to give this world the best start possible.  Our Council of Three is strong and wise.  Though I am certain the factions will be reluctant to give up their old warring ways, Tenebrous, Nevarin and I will guide them to a better path.  Our design of this new Earth has practically guaranteed our success.

Year One: The History of the First War

For the first year of this new world I chose to help the Enclave of the Bear with their colonization efforts.  We began on the island of Japan and spread quickly to the south to colonize what on Old Earth would have been called the continent of Australia.  From there, efforts were slow but steady to populate the largest continent, Asia as it would have been called on Old Earth.  I helped the Enclave of the Bear find territory for their people entirely through non-violent colonization.  The plans for a peaceful world seemed well underway.  However, I was distraught to find that my companions had abandoned all previous inclinations and fallen almost immediately into a great and terrible war.  After months of watching the battles go back and forth claiming countless lives, I could no longer stand by doing nothing.  A surgical strike was in order.  After securing the borders of my two continents, I rallied the Enclave of the Bear and recruited a powerful army.  I am pleased to announce that that the strike was complete success.  In one fell swoop my armies swept straight into Tenebrous’ and Nevarin’s capitols, stopped their war, and returned the world to peace with an absolute minimum loss of life.  To celebrate this glorious victory, I founded the city of Dragon’s Den on the island of Japan.  From the Dragon’s Den, I will continue to exert my influence and maintain the peace so dearly fought for this year.  I can only hope that the loss of their capitols will give Nevarin and Tenebrous time to think over their mistakes.  I still look to their guidance and remain hopeful they will remember their promises and help me shape a world that is free from war and strife.

Year One: Dissenting Opinion #1

I, Nevarin Star, the Seeker of Light, came to this world with the best of intentions. Our council was established with a goal and clear purpose, and we were given this Earth as a chance to create a new world to prove that a utopian society free from the shackles of war and oppression could exist. In the beginning I wanted to remain neutral and watch the fate of the people of our new world from afar, but Imperial Balkania had such a drive to grow and spread their dogma of peace and unity across the globe and they called out for a leader. I felt as though they were a faction that could usher in a bright future, so I started to build up influence working alongside them and fell into place as a valued advisor. 

As the factions on this world began to grow and populate the planet, our council’s grand plan began to unravel. I still don’t know why Tenebrous led the Saharan Republic far across the land, placing armed troops on the edge of expanding Imperial borders and locking them out of key resources that would fuel and sustain them for a peaceful future. Fearing for their safety and intent on avoiding the inevitable starvation that Saharan Republic threatened, the Imperials were eager to take a stand. Against my better judgment I conceded to their wishes to push back the interloper and secure the territories needed to survive and thrive as a society, and with that decision the first battle of what would become a brutal and bloody war commenced. If only I had forseen this horrific outcome, what a different story this would be! I stood with the Imperials in their noble goal to promote a peaceful planet, and later I cried with them at their devastating losses from this first war.

 As the border disputes continued, the tensions grew between myself and Tenebrous. I pleaded with him to pull his forces back, pointing out that there was more than enough space and resources for our factions to share. I think I had almost convinced him when suddenly, from nowhere, it was as if a dragon’s breath burned the empire to the ground! Dragmorian led the Enclave of the Bear to cut a bloody swath through the world and crushed our civilization, destroying my seat of influence and shattering the land. At least it was a quick war, but that massacre shall be forever remembered with the founding of the first major city of our new world, the Dragon’s Den. Dragmorian has placed his mark on the world, and I now know that his fiery breath and lashing tail are ready to strike fiercely and unforgivingly at a whim. 

I do not understand the motivations of my fellow councilors, I only know that I must be ever vigilant, and use whatever means necessary to ensure that our world does not become another war-ravaged rock among the shining stars, we must rise above and become a beacon of hope and light! In memoriam, I helped found the new city of Aurora in the Northern-most territory of Imperial control to stand as a vigil for the lives lost in this first war, may their souls shine ever brightly in the Northern skies, and as a constant painful reminder of my duty to protect the inhabitants of this world, even from themselves.

Year One: Dissenting Opinion #2

I am Tenebrous, Lord of Shadows, and destined to rule over Earth 10148. In the first year since the founding, my fellow councilors have shown me that they will be far more troublesome than expected. I completely expected this of Nevarin Star, the so-called "Seeker of Light". Using the thin rhetoric of "let us bring peace", she has all too clearly shown her imperial desires. The ham-fisted brutes of Balkania are all too eager grind any who disagree with her under their heels. Dragmorian, however... I expected more of an alliance with him, as the followers of the dragon are known for being canny and wise. But, alas, it does not seem so. I fear that Nevarin's frenzied grab for power ignited within him the desire to rule.

I had originally planned a summit among the chiefs of the factions. An alignment of goals and partitioning or territories would have benefited all, and the benevolent Tenebrous could guide all from the shadows. I barely had time to share my goals with the leader of the Saharan Republic before the Nevarin's Balkanians had spread across North America. Even as her thugs slaughtered the peaceful Saharans upon the plains of South America, she broadcast her "message of peace", as if to mock the victims of her aggression.

Though driven by the newly-ignited desires of the Dragon Sage, I still see hope for the Enclave of the Bear. The new world order I propose will utilize their simple directness to eliminate threats to it. They have shown themselves to be fierce and independent, excellent qualities for a peacekeeping force. I regret underestimating Dragmorian, for he has shown a propensity for opportunism. He effectively used the diversion of the Saharan-Balkanian conflict to drive his bear-riding minions into each of our capitals, lightning-quick.

These new developments delay my plans, but likely only for a few years. My fellow councilors can only hide so long. Though defeated, I quickly hid a cache of weapons and supplies in Southern Europe for my next campaign. I currently have the trust of the Saharan leadership, though I smell Dragmorian's influence among them. I will need to strengthen my alliance with them before courting the leaders of the others. The Shadow will grow, my friend. The Shadow will grow.

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  1. Love it. Simply love it. Look forward to seeing how this tale plays out. Unlike you, I know what the future holds.

  2. Nice! Though that photo is rather psychedelic...I had to double-check my coffee...ha!

  3. Although Nevarin Star was the only one to give motive behind the war I could see it started with the Imperialists and the Republicans. Those damn savages swept in from the east while the two other factions were busy dealing with each other. Gotta be cautious when dealing with those bears, they're quite ferocious and aggressive.