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Finding Eden: Part 2 (A Risk Legacy Story)

Finding Eden Pt 2: A Risk Legacy Story, Years 2 and 3
 by the Growing Up Gamers crew

The hopes for peace begin to crumble.
 This is a continuation of Finding Eden, our ongoing saga of Earth #10148.  It is a story based on a series of Risk Legacy games the Growing Up Gamers crew has been playing.  For details and disclaimer check the first post. We didn't start opening secret packets and envelopes until year 4, so this post remains spoiler-free.

Year 2
The Second Wars, From the Journal of Nevarin Star, Seeker of Light:
 Despite the losses in the First War, I still found myself in good favor with the Imperials. I firmly believed that they could make this world stronger through indoctrination of a peaceful dogma, and did not want to turn my back on this opportunity to find our peaceful utopia. Our hope for world peace was fragile, but still within reach. The Council of Three was no longer a unified force, but rather a collection of individuals with apparently very different goals. If only we could have continued to work together....

After the catastrophic loss of my capital during Dragmorian's scorched earth maneuver in the First Wars, I felt it was most prudent to relocate my seat of power to Argentina, deep in the Southern Continent. I saw this as a place where the Imperials could focus on expansion and regrowth far way from the instigator Tenebrous, and beyond the reach of the Dragon's claw. Tenebrous is most certainly plotting something with his takeover of the European nations, and Dragmorian used the Enclave to further secure his hold in the large continent formerly known as Asia on Old Earth.

I helped the Imperial Balkana to return to glory and spread out across the lands, knowing that the more people they recruited along the way, the less bloodshed would required to secure a peaceful regime. The plan worked! With careful planning and almost surgical precision we were able to unify half the world as a bastion of light early into the year. There was some bloodshed, but the losses were necessary and we kept the fighting to a minimum  required to secure our territory.

Through careful resource management, I was able to establish a strong hold across the entire Earth without waging great wars. There was holdout from the Enclave of the Bear, they clung fiercely to Dragmorian's intent to conquer the land and subjugate the Imperials to his will... but when we fought our way into their capital city, The Dragon's Den, and held it strong, his warriors finally yielded. I founded the beautiful city of Crux at the southernmost tip of the world as a base of operations and gathered strong allegiance from the people, rallying them with the dream of a brighter future for this world. Our shining city gleamed like its namesake, and became a bright beacon of hope for our new world. 

For a moment, we held the world up high. Earth #10148 shone like a star...

Year 2, as told by the Lord of Shadows
After the battles of the first wars had died down, I knew it was only a matter of time before "campaign season" began again in earnest. Relocated to Europe after the losses of the previous year, the forces of the Saharan Republic seemed poorly adapted to the northern climes. Despite early advances, differences of opinion between the Saharan's leadership and myself limited the scope of our operations; I fear that our paths are growing apart. This time, Europe proved little refuge from the tyranny of Nevarin's Balkanians. Even my fellow councilor Dragmorian barely escaped her brazen march into his newly-christened capital city, The Dragon's Den. I must act fast to reach this region's other dominant faction, Die Mechaniker, before they, too fall beneath the Nevarin's boots.

Year 2, from the scrolls of The Dragon Sage’s History
After I, Dragmorian the Dragon Sage, stopped the terrible war started by my companions, restored peace to the world and built the new city of Dragon’s Den, I had hoped that the Council of Three could resume in a spirit of teamwork and help Earth #10148 become the Eden we all set out to make.  At first, all seemed well.  The Enclave of the Bear, once again willing to help the cause, started out from Dragon’s Den on the isle of Japan and spread to neighboring areas quickly.  I warned them to be none too greedy for space as it would send the wrong message.  With great humility, they took the smallest continent as a home for themselves, once again, and established, as I had asked, a small foothold in the Alaskan territory so that I could keep an eye on the other half of the world.  I warned them not to press further into that continent as I did not wish to spark another war.

As it turned out, my and the Enclaves gestures of peace were absolutely meaningless.  Even though her Balkanian forces had started the first battle in the first wars, I was willing to believe Nevarin when she said it had been provoked by Tenebrous’ forces moving too close to her own.  I was a fool to underestimate her thirst for power.  Her forces started at the southern-most tip of the world with an entire continent to herself.  However, after taking that continent, she pushed northward taking more and more territory.  Finally, even my tiny Alaskan foothold was too much for her greedy heart to bear.  Her Imperial forces smashed through my garrison, swooped in, and took my precious Dragon’s Den.  I have been forced to retreat and reconsider my notions of peace.  Nevarin’s grab for power must be stopped if there is to be any hope for this world.  Still, I have a lurking fear about the intentions of Tenebrous.  He has done little to harm me or Nevarin this year.  Yet, the minor border disputes he put up on this Earth’s largest continent made it impossible for me to secure the resources I needed to stop Nevarin.  I can’t help but wonder if he has some further design with malicious intent.
The only bright spot this year is that I was able to establish a small city called Dragon’s Reach to help secure my influence on this Earth’s smallest continent.  I must find a way to stretch my influence further and faster if I am to return peace and prosperity to this world.

Year 3

Tenebria, Land of Shadows!
In the third year on Earth 10148, it became clear to me, Lord Tenebrous, that the nomads of the Saharan Republic could not, or would not, be the force I desired them to be. Free-spirited and loathe to stay too long in a given place, they quickly fled the Balkanians and eventually changed their allegiance to Dragmorian. A flighty people, barely worthy to be referred to as traitors. They will still have their place, though, and I suspect they will find the Dragon Sage's style of leadership not compatible with their own.

Nevarin Star and her faithful Balkanians still favored the Americas, and established cities on those continents. It was undoubtedly their desire to bring more of Earth 10148 under their rulership, and ultimately bring to the humanity of this world the suffering of the last. My guidance is certainly required, and I must send emissaries to coax them away from Nevarin's  grasp.

With my support in Europe, I was able to quickly befriend Die Mechaniker, and they lent me their expertise. I was amazed at the speed they were able to muster their soldiers, and the technological advantage their arms and armor had over the others. Under my guidance, I was able to help them increase the productivity of their factories, and soon we held much of Asia. From there, it was simple to push toward my opponent's capitals. At last, the first of what was to be many victories transpired.

The people of what was once called Europe before welcomed me with open arms. So reverent of me, they named the entire continent Tenebria in my honor. Tenebria! Forever shall this be a testament to my glory. Under my shadow, the peoples of Tenebria will ever be a gentle hand guiding the world, and so shall others be welcomed to the fold. My alliance with Die Mechaniker, I cannot be so sure of. Though effective, I may need to court other alliances. So be it!

Year 3, from the scrolls of The Dragon Sage’s History
Sadly, year three of this world is a tale of woe and loss for myself and for the world.  There was hope in the beginning.  Nevarin’s military forces pulled out the Dragon’s Den and back to her headquarters and I was able to return to my home.  Unfortunately, the Enclave of the Bear, smashed and driven off of their lands, asked for time to regroup.  I was forced to court the appeal of the Saharan Republic.  I convinced them to immediately spread their forces into the North American continent to stop the Imperial threat.  I was fine with Nevarin keeping the South American continent as her own, but felt her grip on two continents was what enabled her to all but destroy the Enclave and seize control of the world.  I failed, however, to heed the warnings of the Saharans about their former lord’s shadowy intent.  Tenebrous’s armies waited until Nevarin and I were fully embroiled in battle and then swept out from his stronghold, crushing the Dragon's Den once more.  I must abandon my home for good this time.  It will be written in the pages of history that Dragon's Den was as symbol of hope and peace, but tactically it is far too weak.  A symbol of peace will no longer do.  With a heavy heart, I must make ready for war.

The Third Wars: From the Journal of Nevarin Star, Seeker of Light
Year 3 was a disaster, and a huge setback for the forces of light. Tenebrous, leading his armies now as "the shadow people" took and held the European countries as a base and worked his way across the world. Meanwhile Dragmorian and I were locked in a desperate battle for the North American continent that I had built up my influence in over the first two years. He led the Saharans into our lands, and claimed them for his own. I fought back as hard as I could, determined not to allow him to come in and take whatever pleases his whim. This was the Imperial homeland, and it would not be handed over to a harsh leader just because he felt like taking it. Our constant warring with the Saharans allowed Tenebrous to stealthily take over most of the middle continents and cut into our exposed backsides for a decisive victory. Once again, my capitol has fallen, and it is time to rebuild and reconsider my plans. I have learned much from this war...namely to watch my back because the shadows are everywhere. I did manage to establish the city of Rigel in the middle of the Americas. Much as its namesake shines brightly from Orion's Belt, Rigel will be my centerpiece moving forward. 

I fear my dream of unifying humanity and founding a peaceful planet is further than I thought. It is time to consult the stars, and look to their light for guidance and hope for the future. There must be an answer out there somewhere...

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  1. Sounds like Year 2 was between the same forces as the first War. Although I feel bad for the Saharan Republic, I hope they improve in later wars. But it seems the Imperialists got the win by conquering the Enclave's capital... I'm guessing they get a resource for expanding into 4 territories. Good way to buy stars.

    The third year however is quite vague. The Die Mechaniker clearly won, but no explanation is granted how the fighting started with the Saharans and the Imperialists... I'm gonna guess cashing in the cards for stars is what did it. Again, I hope the Republic will pick up in future wars.