Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Story Realms Weekly Update: Game Break!

by Angie

Although we've been steadily plugging along at Story Realms development, we don't have much new to report today (although we do have some very exciting stuff coming up really soon!!)... so we thought we'd just do a quick show and tell about the fun stuff we did this week instead!

Jack pointing out that Sorin made Avacyn... that kid loves the
Magic the Gathering lore!

This week we celebrated birthdays, played video games at a vintage retro arcade, built and drafted a MTG cube for the first time, busted open and played with lots of Avacyn Restored boosters, and enjoyed several days of merriment and gaming goodness.

Drafting the brand new Mulitcolor Multiplayer Legendary Fun Cube for the first time!   

 We firmly believe that playing games is an important step in designing and developing great games, so we've made it a priority to make sure we're always taking time to play and have fun. This week we spent a ton of time deciding how to build a limited environment for Magic the Gathering that would suit our group's favorite play style and allow for some super fun interesting games. We wanted a heavily multicolored set, with a focus on legendary creatures and mutliplayer madness. We basically wanted to recreate the fun we have playing Commander (big creatures and spells, fun legends, lots of multicolored decks) but while playing with some new cards, combos, and experiencing some drafting and deckbuilding goodness. The first draft and play with the new cube went really well, and we're looking forward to many more!! It was the first time drafting for some of us, which was a whole new experience unto itself! The cube definitely a work in progress, and if there's interest we'd be happy to share the cube list and get any feedback or ideas. Let us know!

Cracking open Avacyn Restored booster packs and doing a fun sealed draft. 45 packs opened and lots of card slinging!

We also hosted a booster pack sealed deck celebration of the new Magic set: Avacyn Restored! The experience was really fun, and we even got a couple of new players to join in the fun. My favorite part of it was watching a friend new to Magic build her first deck and get excited to try out some of the new cards (and she beat me in our duel!)  The best cards we saw opened were Griselbrand and a Cavern of Souls, and I'm personally very excited about Primal Surge. Little Jack was pretty bummed there wasn't and "Avacyn, Angel of Hope" in out packs, but I'm still hoping we'll get one! I've never seen my kids so excited about a specific Magic card or personality, but they are both VERY stoked about Avacyn! 

What games did you play this week???

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