Friday, July 6, 2012

Story Realms Preview: Adventuring Kits Part 1

Adventuring gear is a bit of a mixed bag in most adventure games.   Shiny magic items with fancy tricks are always fun, but what about the simple, mundane gear that the heroes bring along to get the job done?  It’s fun to imagine all of the cool gear your hero might be carrying, but it can be really tedious to plan for every little thing you might need.  Do you really want to spend time in your heroic adventure game shopping for rope, tents, climbing gear, and a laundry list of minor items you may or may not ever need?  Some adventure games sure think you do.   Some games still include lists of over 30 items to consider purchasing all the way down to paying a few coin to buy a single torch.   Hope your valiant hero didn’t forget to shop for that on the way to the deep dark caves.  Hope your hero also remembered to buy the flint and steel (sold separately) to light it. 

The Story Realms Answer to Equipment

Story Realms makes gearing up your character simple and fun by using cards called Adventuring Kits.  An Adventuring Kit contains a set of themed items to take along on your adventure that are each fully illustrated on the card.  Just pick one of six different Kits and you’re ready to go.   

Over the course of the next week, we will be revealing all six Adventuring Kits from the game.  This preview art has been generously provided by our publisher, Game Salute.  The illustrations for the Adventuring Kits were done by the amazing artist Kelly McClellan and the design of the cards was done by our incredible art director, Dann May

Yesterday, through Twitter, Reddit, and Facebook, we previewed the Wanderer Kit.  An Adventuring Kit filled with items for survival and fun while wandering the wilderness.

The Wanderer Kit

Today we are also showing off the Wizard Kit. A wizard in Story Realms isn’t any particular class of hero.  Though some heroes are better at it than others, anyone can do magic.  Instead, this kit is just a set of items that are useful to any hero interested in manipulating the magical elements and looking the part of a storybook wizard!

The Wizard Kit

Never Stuck With the Same Gear

As a hero, you are never stuck with same Adventuring Kit from adventure to adventure.  Any time your hero is in a town, market, or some other place with an abundance of supplies (usually at the start of each play session) you can change to a new Adventuring Kit.  This way you can pick equipment to suit your current quest or just try out something new.

What if it’s not in the Kit?

A keen observer will notice that there are only six items to an Adventuring Kit.  What if you want something that simply isn’t there?  A particularly keen observer will also notice that the bottom of each Kit has two pockets.  Perhaps what you are looking for is packed in there.  

Tune in later this week when we reveal another Adventuring Kit and discuss how these pockets help ensure that a hero can be prepared for anything.

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  1. That's an awesome idea and innovative solution to the equipment dilemma. Good going on that.