Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Update on the Growing Up Gamers crew

Hello there, thanks for stopping by! You may not have noticed on your way in, but we're under a bit of reconstruction right now, we've decided to try to revive the all around gaming goodness that we love about this blog, with our cute kid reviews (Katie has been joined by her friend Sabine and between them you can expect some awesome gaming analysis from a 6 yr old point of view!), our thoughts about family gaming, experiences in the gaming world, discussion about game design and education and how they relate, raving about our favorite game, etc. It's all coming back!

We're moving all the excitement about our upcoming game Story Realms over to a new blog at the Escapade Games website, so that this blog can stay true to what we built up on AND so that we can have an outlet to talk about Story Realms design and development and all the exciting things we're doing right now with that. We invite you to follow us here or there... or anywhere really. Hopefully both blogs will hold something of interest for you, but this way you get to choose instead of us mingling them all together :)

We're on Twitter and Facebook, on Boardgamegeek, and anywhere else where people want to talk to us. As we get all this sorted, we'll try to make the links easy to find, so come on back here and we'll have some new gaming content for you. We're going to try to get posting on a regular schedule and with Julian and Sabine joining us, plus Jack old enough now to have some ideas to share, I think our little team will be able to deliver some content we hope you'll enjoy reading. Thanks for checking in, and since we don't yet have the Escapde Games Blog ready to roll, I'm going to drop this amazing preview here for now.... its the box cover art for Story Realms!!!!

"Welcome to the world of Storm Hollow, where endless stories have been told about boys and girls just like you, ordinary in their world but with an extraordinary calling to heroism, you've come here to this world because we need your help. Storm Hollow is a land of magic and mystery, where great stories are told of the Poppins, folks like yourself who have popped right in to our world. Its an amazing place, a place where stories come to life, and today's heroic deeds become new chapters in the everlasting book of the Eddur. But beware, because the minions of the Dark are all around, lying in wait in the shadows; plotting, watching, waiting for us to let our guard down. Be vigilant, stand strong, and always look to the light. Your adventures here will be your own, you decide your path as you walk the land, and the choices you will make will determine the course of events to come. So begins the new Age...but instead of rushing off to meet your fate so fast, Little Poppins , why don't you stay just a while and play?"

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