Wednesday, October 3, 2012

1 Amazing Community...and a Giveaway!

We've got 24 hours left on our game giveaway and the Story Realms Kickstarter!  Our community of friends and supporters has been so amazing that today's post is just one big thank you.  If you haven't had a chance to check out the kickstarter (or the contest) check out these amazing comments from our fans.  We're making some fantastic stretch goals, but we are still looking to recruit more backers to the Story Realms community.  Also, check out the bottom of this post because we are updating the giveaway with even more games.

...And to finish off the giveaway, we are adding 9 more games as additional prizes that can be won.  That's right.  Now there's $150 as a grand prize, $50 for 3 runners up, and 17 games for additional prizes.  We're not sure yet exactly how these additional games will be given out, but some additional winners will be chosen to receive them as prizes.  We'll try to give you final details before the close of the contest (and the Kickstarter) tomorrow at 11:59 EDT (that 8:59 Pacific where we are).  Here are the additional prizes that some lucky winners will get to take home:

1x White Elephant
1x Kamakura
1x Bhazum
1x Bhazum Ksari (separate game, not an expansion)
1x Kamakura (autographed)
1x Cartouche
1x Compact Heroes
1x Megamaniology
1x Battle Spirits Demo Deck

And here's one last Game Salute game to consider getting with your prize money!

Okay it's a bit cheesy but seriously, did you think we'd end on anything else?  If you haven't backed the kickstarter or you want another copy as a present you COULD save your prize money until the game comes out or use it to pre-order it.  If not...well we told you 27 other games you could spend your loot on. Thanks again for all of your efforts and support.  We look forward to picking some winners here in the next few days.

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