Friday, October 12, 2012

And the Winners of the Giveaway Are...

Even if you didn't win, please enjoy these sparkly balloons.
Well it’s been just over a week so we should probably announce who won that contest we were running, eh?  Sorry it’s taken a bit to announce.  That kickstarter was awesome and we and incredibly appreciative of everyone’s support…but it was also exhausting.  We had to recover a bit and also do a little coordination about the prizes.  We added a bunch of games to the prize pile but never said exactly how we’d give them out.

Here’s what we decided.  In addition to the $150 grand prize and the $50 runner’s up prizes, we made 4 prize packs of games.  These games are generously donated by our awesome project manager David McKenzie, of Game Salute and Clever Mojo Games.  These are games from his personal stash (still shrink wrapped and new) so we are very grateful to him for helping us out with the contest.  

The winner now gets $150 AND 1 prize pack of his or her choice.  There are now 6 runner’s up.  We’ve got 3 $50 Game Salute credit prizes and 3 additional prize packs to hand out.  In order, each runner up gets to choose between one of the $50 of game credit OR one of the prize packs. The later runner’s up may just get what they get.  If you are one of the lucky winners, you need to contact us at: Let us know your name and address where we can send a prize pack.  If you are a runner up, let us know your top 3 choices between $50 game credit or prize packs.  Please be aware, if you do not have an address in the US we may not be able to send you a prize pack due to the increased costs of shipping packages of this size internationally. 

Thank you to everyone that participated.   We very much appreciate your enthusiasm and support.   We hope you’ll still keep checking up on us for more fun blog content and more updates about how things are going with Story Realms.  (Though in the future, most updates about Story Realms will continue to be on the Escapade Games Blog). 

And now…the winners!

The Grand Prize Winner of $150 in Game Salute Store Credit and 1 prize pack is…
Ranko Miklin!  Congratulations Ranko, contact us ASAP and let us know which prize pack you want and what address to send it too.

Here are the runners up.

1st Runner Up: David Hill
2nd Runner Up: Rob Cannon
3rd Runner Up: Khyle Keys
4th Runner Up: TheDormouse
5th Runner Up: Intesesev5
6th Runner Up: Peter Schott

And here the prize packs you may choose from:

Prize Pack #1
Compact Heroes
Battle Spirits
Line's of Fire (it's very small so this guy gets the extra game)

Prize Pack #2
Kamakura (autographed)

Prize Pack #3
Super Showdown
Dead Fellas

Prize Pack #4
White Elephant

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